Wiggly Balls Cat Toy

It moves! It wiggles! It’s your cat’s new favorite toy!

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No matter how cute and cuddly your kitty may be, you’ve probably seen their wild side once or twice. This is easily one of our favorite electronic interactive cat toys, as it provides your cat with a safe opportunity to play, bat, and chase “prey.”


The 1-inch plastic balls are easily batted across slick surfaces and will not scuff or scratch your floors. The best and most unique cat toys keep them engaged and excited for hours, and we can almost guarantee that your cat will love this toy from the moment you take it out of the box!


  • Realistic Movement: Features a tail that curls and wiggles; the entire toy is easy to toss, bat, and swing around a room.

  • Safety: Manufactured using safe and non-toxic materials.

  • Ideal Gift for Your Cats: Features bright colors and a bell to catch and keep your cat’s attention. Bright colors will keep your cat's attention.


  • Size: 1.25 inches

  • Length: 5–8 inches long

  • Material: Wool and wood

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Wiggly Balls Cat Toy

We take your pet’s safety very seriously. We recommend letting your cat use this toy under your supervision and discarding it if it is damaged.