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3L Cat Water Fountain, Ultra-Quiet Pet Water Dispenser, Auto Drinking Fountain For Cats

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  • Large capacity tank, 3L
  • Ultra-Quiet and noise-Free operation
  • Two fountain outlet and soften water quality
  • Triple filtration system and Low consumption pump
  • BPA-free material
  • Usb interface safe without leakage
  • Smooth Wall and Easy to clean, Clean with one flush
  • Active oxygen circulation waterway
  • 95.84% impurity removal rate and 90% soften water quality
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3L Cat Water Fountain, Ultra-Quiet Pet Water Dispenser, Auto Drinking Fountain For Cats

About This Item


Material Food Grade plastic

Size 20 x 17 x 15.5 cm

Maximum Capacity 3L

Color Dark Blue, White

Power Source USB plug

Item Type Pet Feeder, Automatic Water Dispenser


3L Cat Water Fountain, Ultra-Quiet Pet Water Dispenser, Auto Drinking Fountain For Cats

Optional Sensor Function Energy savings extend the fountain. lifespan. When your pet is approaching, it will operate automatically. When the pet left the detection range for 1 minute, It will stop working.

Large 3L Capacity With a large 3-liter water capacity, this fountain ensures that your cats or dogs have a steady supply of fresh, filtered water throughout the day. No need to refill frequently. Full of water can satisfy and adult Pet's normal drinking water for 3-7 days.

Ultra-Quiet Operation or Noise free operation: Pets are easily spooked by unidentified noises. you can barely hear the water flow with the silent low-consumption pump.We noticed it and improved this defect by not frightening pets away from drinking, and it will not disrupt sleep even when operating at night.

Two Fountain Outlet Two outlets flowing in mode, one with trickle flow and one with spring flow, replicate natural running water and encourage pets to get close and enjoy the peace of drinking. Constantly arousing the cat's interest and attention helps to reduce the amount of drinking water.

Triple Filtration System The four-layer filter refreshes fluid by its circulating system, which follows the required standard and keeps pets away from gastrointestinal diseases by improving the taste of the water,demineralizing the water to reduce the risk, blocking large particles and large-diameter pollutants, etc.

The structure is simple, easy to split, clean with one flush, one wipe and one second.

Even if the wire is bitten off, the induced electricity is 0.5 mA, and people or animals cannot perceive the current below 10 mA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Alberto Dicki

Well used. It's good.

Louisa Wyman

Very good, super silent!

Gerda Bruen

All cool

Cordelia O'Connell

Everything works Paka cat did not come see later how it will drink
Thank you for the quick Dakad

Cristina Rosado

Everything arrived, it is somewhat complicated but everything is fine. Works well but the sensor does not work inside so I could do it on the outside.

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