SAINT N MIKE Portable Pet Swimming Pool


Do your pets love being outside? Help them stay cool when you order this portable pet pool from Saint N Mike!

We want to make those hot summer days more enjoyable for you for your fur kids! Unlike a standard, plastic, off-the-shelf baby pool, The Paw Pool is made for dogs and is built to last. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the pool won't leak or tear while your furry friends run, jump, and swim around their new favorite swimming hole.

The pool is deep enough for your dog to get completely soaked and cool off by either sitting, standing, or swimming! It's fun and cool for both toddlers, little kids, and pets. This portable pool doesn’t need to be inflated and can even be used as a portable playpen or ball pit, both indoors and outdoors!

Portable: Folds easily for convenient storage and transportation.

Easy Setup: This portable pet pool is easy to fill and drain.

Durable: Made using extra-tough PVC that can withstand your pets’ nails and prevent punctures.

Safe: Features a slip-resistant, heavy-duty bottom.