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Automatic Large Capacity Pet Feeder

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Automatic Large Capacity Pet Feeder

Product description

Keep your pet fed, even when you're not around!



Do you worry about your pet running out of food and water if you're not around?



At Saint N Mike, we know that your furry friends are family, and that's why we recommend the Automatic Large-Capacity Pet Feeder for owners who need to leave their animals during the day.



Whether you're gone for the day or leaving for a short trip, the Automatic Large Capacity Pet Feeder can hold up to 2.1 kilograms of food. Typically, this will keep a small dog or cat fed for 10 to 12 days. It will keep medium and large breeds fed for three to five.



The drinking fountain can be filled with up to 3.8 liters of water, which can last up to four days for small breeds and a maximum of two for medium and large breeds.

Both units are designed to be ergonomic for pets and easy for owners to fill. They are also made with environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials.



Both made with environmentally friendly and high quality PP material so its non toxic and safe for your pets. Easy to use and refill as they both comes with removable features for easy refilling.  



  • Max output: 500 grams
  • Min output: 50 grams
  • Material: Green PP
  • Pet Drinking Fountain Capacity: 3.7–3.8 liters (water)
  • Pet Automatic Feeder Capacity: 2.1 kilograms (food)


  • 1PC * of your choice either or both  Pet Drinking Fountain or Pet Automatic Feeder Capacity

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