Keep your cat fit and provide them with hours of entertainment!

Our cats need physical and mental exercise to stay healthy. The Cat Treadmill Wheel Furniture is designed to meet both needs and keep your cat stimulated and active throughout the day. It features a solid pine design and features moisture-proof hemp rope on the wheel to ensure that your furry friend can enjoy it for years to come!


Some of the most unique cat products on the market are anything but easy to assemble, but the Cat Treadmill Wheel Furniture features detailed instructions that make assembly as easy as possible!


 This cat treadmill uses high-quality plates as the material of choice, resistant to scratching, environmentally friendly and natural, reinforcing pillars. The natural fun cat climbing frame is comfortable, healthy, and fun, giving the cat a comfortable and free space. This will surely excite your cat instincts and curiosity.


  • High-quality, scratch-resistant material

  • Easy-to-grip material to ensure your cat won’t slip

  • Aesthetically pleasing design that’s easy to pair with any decor

  • Stable base that won’t tip easily


  • Material: High-quality solid pine wood
  • Size: 38 * 31.5 * 17.5 inches

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Cat Treadmill Wheel Furniture

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