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Cat Tree House with Double Condo

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Cat Tree House with Double Condo

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Product Description: 

The Cat Tree House with Double Condo from Saint N Mike is the perfect place for cats and kittens to play, explore, and relax! Featuring three layers of fun, this wooden cat tree includes hanging toys, scratching posts, ramps, and even cat hideaways. With plenty of room to explore and lounge, your cats will be entertained and content for hours. Order your furry friend only the best in cat entertainment! 


  • Ideal for Cats & Kittens 
  • Three Layers of Fun 
  • Wooden Cat Tree 
  • Includes Hanging Toys 
  • Scratching Posts & Ramps 
  • Cat Hideaways 

Sturdy and durable, this cat tree will last for years, providing your furry friends with a safe and cozy place to play and sleep. Bring home the Cat Tree House with Double Condo from Saint N Mike today and give your cats a place to call their own!


  • Ships from the Following Warehouse: US, Russia, Canada, France, Australia 
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • SKU: AMT0062BG/AMT0057BG/AMT0059GY/AMT0030/AMT0014
  • Height: 130cm/166.5cm/127cm/110cm/85cm
  • Color: Gray/Beige
  • No. of Tiers: 3-Layer

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