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Cheerble Wicked Egg

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Cheerble Wicked Egg

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Type Toys

Weight 340g (12 Oz)

Dimensions 83 x 83 x 99 mm / 3.27 x 3.27 x 3.90 in

Battery Li-Polymer 3.7v 300mAh

Package Includes Wicked Egg, Micro USB Charging Cable


100% Automatic Interactive Treat-Dispensing Pet Toy

Wobbling, spinning, rolling, shining, making sounds, tossing treats, and more. Wicked Egg is designed to feed, entertain and train your pets in all ways you can imagine.

Unlike traditional food dispenser toys, your pets get mentally stimulated through all senses with Wicked Egg. The toy opens the gate and dispenses treats only when your dog beats the challenge you set. It's so perfect for dogs who love puzzle challenges.

The Wicked Egg also has the follwoing features

  • Fully automatic treat dispenser
  • Interactive lights & sounds
  • Expandable difficulty levels
  • Improved safety & easy maintenance
  • Convenient USB recharging
  • Interchangeable designs

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