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SAINT N MIKE Cat Scratch Guards

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SAINT N MIKE Cat Scratch Guards

Product description

It's impossible to keep cats from scratching...

If you've ever owned one, you know that it's just what they do!

The solution? The Anti-Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield from Saint N Mike!

Scratch Guard is a high-quality, flexible, clear vinyl designed to save your furniture and, in the process, your sanity! The vinyl is thick enough to protect furniture from scratching and flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture, all without drawing attention to the fact that it's there.

  • Scratch & Tear Resistant: Protects virtually anything from sharp claws!
  • Hassle-Free Solution: Simply stick them on to ANY surface or furniture!
  • Wipe-Proof and Easily Removed: Perfect for couches, cabinets, tables, and anything else you don't want your cat to damage.

These scratch guards for furniture work on leather sofas or fabric. Although leather offers the best adhesion, the small metal attachments will keep the scratch guards in place on fabric furniture.

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