Cute Cactus Cat Tree

Protect your home and provide your cat with hours of entertainment when you order the Cactus Cat Tree from Saint N Mike!

Cats scratch furniture to mark territory or as a threatening signal to other cats. And because cats' claws need regular sharpening, they will often turn to anything they can find. It’s instinctual behavior, but scratching can cause significant damage to furniture, drapes, carpeting, and other areas of your home!

Introducing the Saint N Mike Cactus Cat Tree, a great way to protect your home without declawing your cat or installing cat scratch guards throughout your home.





  • Safe and non-toxic: Features a natural and non-toxic sisal scent that will draw and hold their attention.
  • Ergonomically designed: Made with a design that’s more appealing to scratch than carpet and furniture.
  • Stimulation: Designed to keep cats entertained and engaged, even if you’re gone for several hours.
  • Sturdy: Large base and durable design prevents the tree from falling over.
  • Convenient: The detachable base makes the unit easy to break down, clean, move, and store.


  • Material: Sisal
  • Size: Large and medium designs
  • Height: 53 centimeters and 68.5 centimeters

Package Includes:

  • 1 Cactus Cat Climbing Tree