Double-hole dog tennis food reward machine

Did you ever think that you would be able to automate training your pet? With the Double-Hole Dog Tennis Food Reward Machine, you’ll be able to teach your dog how to retrieve in no time!

  • Perfect for apartments and small spaces
  • Hours of entertainment for active and high-energy breeds
  • Easy-to-clean bowls
  • No power supply required
If you’re a regular at Saint N Mike, then you know that we carry some of the most unique products for dogs and cats on the market. The Double-Hole Dog Tennis Food Reward Machine is no exception, and it makes it easy to entertain, train, and feed your pet all at the same time. Simply load the food compartment with food or treats, train your dog to drop the ball into the center hole, and watch as an internal mechanism is triggered, releasing the food and sending the ball across the floor. Keeping your furry friend entertained truly has never been easier!

  • ABS material for safety and durability
  • Environmentally friendly design