Pet Collar Necklace

Give your furry friend a glitzy, glamorous look when you order a beautiful Pet Collar Necklace from Saint N Mike!

  • Four unique colors for every pet’s personality
  • Show-stopping imitation pearls
  • Cute bone detail that attaches to the front of the color
  • Comfortable material for all-day wear
As one of the largest suppliers of unique products for dogs and cats, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen. This collar-necklace combination instantly caught our attention, and we knew that we had to add it to the Saint N Mike collection. This collar features four unique color options, realistic imitation pearls that sparkle and shine, and a light material that’s perfect for every season. No matter where you take your pet, be prepared for the pawarazzi to be out in full force!

  • Size: Small, medium, and large