KINGKOMB Pet Hair Removal Brush

Keep your pet’s coat soft, shiny, and looking its best!

The KINGKOMB Pet Hair Removal Brush isn’t just another brush for dogs and cats — it features a two-in-one design, three steel blades, and 34 rubber bristles. The result? Effortless grooming that takes a fraction of the time!

If you’re tired of spending hours brushing your pet without seeing any results, then it’s time to upgrade and invest in unique products for dogs and cats designed specifically for owners just like you.

Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomic handle: Easy-to-grip handle makes it easy to remove excess hair and brush the entire coat.
  • Easy to clean: Simply wipe away hair and continue brushing — no pulling hair from bristles required!
  • Gentle: Great for short and long coats alike and will not harm your pet’s skin.
  • Versatile: Works on small, medium, and large breeds of dogs, cats, and even horses!

Package Includes:

  • 1 x KINGKOMB Pet Hair Removal Brush