SAINT N MIKE New bite-resistant Sniff Pad



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Nose work will keep your dog feeling happy, healthy, and young! Encouraging different techniques of snuffling whether at mealtime or just for fun breaks up the day and will bring your dog much joy!

This SAINT N MIKE New bite-resistant Sniff Pad mimics the hunt for food in grass and fields, which satisfies the dog's natural curiosity and enhances its superior sense of smell.

It offers your pet an interactive way to eat their treats while providing mental stimulation. Sprinkle your desired amount of treats/dinner and shake into the hundreds of hidden places to activate your dog's natural curiosity.  


  • Solving the worries of biting things, diverting attention, and reducing damage at home: Biting is the nature of pets, and it is important to the pet's body and mind! Now use toys to train pets to bite correctly.

  • Solve the habit of barking and cultivate affinity to reduce the disturbance to the neighborhood: The most feared thing about pets in the city is to harass the neighbors. Long barking will bring unnecessary trouble! However, the company of toys can win a quiet time for pets.

  • Solve boredom and companionship: Let your pet have something to do with toys. Sometimes you go out with friends, or when your favorite TV is on. You need to get out. Don’t forget to have your pet at this time and give it a small toy Relieve boredom.

  • Enhancing the relationship with the dog makes the pet smarter, happier, and more enjoyable. Interaction with the pet can enhance the relationship with the pet. You can use toys to play various games with the pet creatively


  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: 29 x 29 cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x SAINT N MIKE New bite-resistant Sniff Pad