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Padded No-Pull Gentle Dog Leader Headcollar

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Padded No-Pull Gentle Dog Leader Headcollar

Product description

This padded, no-pull dog headcollar lead is paw-some for pet parents who are trying to encourage better leash behavior from their pets. Designed by dog trainers, this headcollar gently redirects your dog’s attention back to you by interrupting their natural inclination to pull away towards other animals and distractions. Unlike a muzzle, the Padded No-Pull Gentle Leader Headcollar comfortably fits around your furry friends snout, and allows them to eat, drink, breathe, and carry toys with ease.  


  • Quick Release Closure Type
  • Waterproof
  • Nylon, Synthetic Fabric Material
  • Comfortable and Durable
  • Variety of Colors

While this may be new headgear for your pup, if you introduce your dog to it in comforting situations, like while they are at home lounging or playing, they will grow more accustomed to it while the leash is not attached. Once they are well-acquainted with their new walking accessory, attaching the leash for excursions will be a welcomed treat, and you can use it for situations that require some security and focus. 


  • Small: 6 to 8.5 inches around neck & 1 to 5 pounds weight
  • Medium: 7 to 15 inches around neck & 5 to 25 pounds weight
  • Large: 9 to 19 inches around neck & 25 to 60 pounds weight
  • X-Large: 11 to 24 inches around neck & 60 to 130 pounds weight
  • XX-Large: 12 to 28 inches around neck & 130 pounds and up weight

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