Pet Grooming Glove


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For some of us, a regular brushing session is enough for the whole week. Many people also have this misconception that getting their pets groomed is something that’s not necessary. These Grooming Gloves easily remove loose pet hair and tangles so no fur goes flying.The shedding hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw hair away.

Since grooming gloves are designed to essentially “pet” the hair away, they may be a good fit for pets that feel anxious about grooming and may work well for dogs who aren’t fond of traditional brushes.

It is flexible enought and allows you to brush away dirt, grime and loose hair from cats, dogs and horses of all shapes and sizes. More importantly, it helps stimulate the healthy oils on their skin which can improve the softness and radiance of their coat.


  • Skin-friendly: Free from any materials which could cause skin damage; Soft rubber ensure gentle massage and grooming without painful removing of fur or scratching the skin; One size fits all, it has adjustable wrist strap for a comfortable fit.

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for long and short haired dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and other pets, grooming the hair quickly, gently and effectively. You can use the gloves either for daily grooming or during bath time for an even deeper clean.

  • Easy to Clean and Ergonomically Five finger design: Give your pet a relaxed deshedding experience or a massage shower; As you brush your pet, the loose hair sticks to the silicone tips,so when you finish, you can easily peel it off and throw it away.

  • Adjustable Comfort Fit:Flexible and breathable, our brush glove fits most pet owners thanks to the adjustable wrist strap; better yet, it’s machine washable.


  • Material: Silicone Rubber
  • Item Weight: 135 grams

Package Includes:

  •  1 x Pet Grooming Glove