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Cat Small Animal Grooming Comb Tickle Fur Cleaning Brush

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Cat Small Animal Grooming Comb Tickle Fur Cleaning Brush

About This Item


quita pelos gato y perros: dogs brush comb

pet brush comb: dog hair remov brush

pet brush: dog brush for dog

peine para gato: Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dog

number: SKU1342-S

katten kam: Dematting Dog Comb

katten accessories: peine para mascotas

groom brush cat: comb the cat

gatos accesorios: pet hair remover brush

escova gato: Pet Grooming Brush for Cats

chat accessoires pour chats: pet groomer

cepillo para gato: asesorios para gatos

cat supplies: Hair Grooming Brush For Dog Cats

cat hair remov: clean cat hair

cat brush: spazola per gatti

cat accessories: removedor de pelos para gatos

brush cat: cat comb brush

brosse chat: brosse chat auto nettoyante

accesorios para gatos: cepillo para perros quitapelos

Type: cats

Material: Stainless Steel

Item Type: Combs

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