Pet Molar Bite Toy

Keep Your Dog Busy at Home for Hours!

Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy: This chew toy safely strengthens your dog’s jaws, cleans their mouth, and helps to prevent disease.

Advanced Material: This suction cup dog toy includes a ball, suction cup, and rope that are made from food-grade TPR and feature highly durable, pet-safe materials.

Promotes Oral Health: Chew toys not only can scrape away harmful plaque that can lead to gum disease but also help to relieve teething pain.

Quality Assurance: Each toy is quality tested and made from environmentally friendly polymer.

Hours of Fun: Whether you leave your pet at home during the day or you’re simply looking for a fun gift they’ll enjoy for hours, this chew toy is sure to become their favorite! It can be attached to surfaces for a one-sided tug-of-war, used as a chew toy, or thrown outside for fetch!

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