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Pet Waste Bag Carrier

$60.64 USD
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Pet Waste Bag Carrier

$60.64 USD

About This Item

Worry-free walking has never been more affordable!



When was the last time you found yourself without a doggy bag on a walk? We've certainly had our fair share of embarrassing moments in front of neighbors' homes and next to busy streets, and that's why we recommend that you bring the compact and easy-to-carry Pet Waste Bag Carrier with you whenever you leave your home!


  • Convenient: Features a strap that makes it easy to attach to belt loops, leashes, harnesses, and more.
  • Environment Friendly: The included bags are biodegradable.
  • Sleek: The Pet Waste Bag Carrier comes with a minimalistic white finish and a gray strap.


  • Carrier Material: Plastic
  • Stool Bag Material: Biodegradable paper
  • Bag Size: 220mm x 300mm
  • Size: 38mm x 140mm



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