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Retractable Dog & Cat Gate

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Retractable Dog & Cat Gate

Product description


Product Description:
1. Made of titanium steel and PP, the dog door is stable and durable, has good corrosion resistance and load-bearing, and is not easy to deform

2. The length of the retractable dog door is retractable and easy to install

3. There are two heights across the pet door, 9.45"/14.17". Easy for people to enter and exit, if the height is not enough, it can be stacked

4 Pet fences are installed without drilling, reusable, with two sets of non-slip pads (silicone pads and transparencies)

Product name: Black short dog door retractable
Retractable size: 22"-39.37"
Available in two heights: 9.45"/14.17"

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