SAINT N MIKE Automatic Intelligent Cat Litter Box

Say hello to the litter box of your dreams!

At Saint N Mike, we want to bring you the most useful and unique cat products on the market. Our Automatic Intelligent Cat Litter Box will automatically sense your cat coming in and out and collect the litter for you intelligently and effectively collect the litter in the trash bin below, saving you the hassle of getting it yourself!


  • Convenient and Aesthetically Pleasing: The Intelligent Cat Litter Box is functional, stylish, and pairs well with every interior.
  • UV Sterilization: Cutting-edge UV sterilization can kill bacteria, fungi, viruses, mites, and more.
  • Efficient: The unit will not run when your cat is inside, saving power and promoting safety.
  • Sleep Mode: The Intelligent Cat Litter Box features three dimmable light rings for use during the day and at night.
  • Indicator Ring: Features a status light that alerts you when the trash should be taken out. This feature can also be used as a night light.
  • Large Capacity: Going out of town? No problem. The trash compartment features up to 5 liters of storage space.


  • Manufactured using safe PP material
  • Self-cleaning rotary to save time
  • One-touch disassembly for easy cleaning


  • Point: APP remote/security door/smart sensor/UV sterilization
  • Material: PP Resin
  • Size: 23.58*23.58*23.58in (60*60*60cm)
  • Uses: Toilet training for cats
  • Color: As shown
  • Weight: 12Kg
  • Power: DC12V 3W
  • Bin storage capacity: 4L
  • Sand basin capacity: 5L

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Saint N Mike Automatic Intelligent Cat Litter Box