SAINT N MIKE Small Pet Cat Bed House with WIFI Wireless Controller

Modern And Stylish For Your Furry Friend!

The Small Pet Cat Bed House with WIFI Wireless Controller gives you the ability to control the temperature inside the Cozy and can create a more comfortable sleeping environment for your pets.

Additionally, the Cozy has been designed to make your pet feel safe, warm, and embraced. Perfect for your feline friends! 

The infrared sensors will monitor if your pet is in the bed or not. It will also record and count your pet’s rest periods while they are in the bed. Using the PETKIT app you can set-up the bed from anywhere in the world. Simply go to the app and set the appropriate temperature for your pet or check on their resting habits.


  • Interactive App: Engineered using a high precision temperature and humidity sensor, allowing you to customize and change the internal temperature to your pet’s preference from anywhere, anytime
  • Monitor Your Pet: A smart cat house or a dog house which has a built-in infrared sensor that detects the presence of your pet; Once your pet is inside, the app will record your pet’s resting time and provide you with valuable data to share with your pet
  • Unique Design: We wanted to create something different, and in order to do that we knew the smart bed had to aesthetically pleasing, something that could be placed anywhere in your home; Additionally, the base is designed to collect moisture and condensation, ensuring the interior of the cozy is always dry.
  • Fit Anywhere: Thoughtfully designed to incorporate effortlessly into anywhere in your home


  • Size: 430 x 418 x 402 mm
  • Base: 343 x 343 x 49 mm
  • External Machine Size: 110 x 110 x 68 mm
  • Weight: 6KG
  • Wireless: Wifi Connections
  • Rated Voltage: 6VDC


  • 1 x Smart Cold and Warm Temperature Control Pet Bed + Skin-friendly PVC mat + additional anti-undercut accessories

Flexible Vinyl ( PVC ) film approved for direct and indirect skin contact