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Stainless Steel Automatic Water Fountain for Cats and Dogs

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Stainless Steel Automatic Water Fountain for Cats and Dogs

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With Water Dispenser: Yes

Unique water level design:: You can Know clearly when to add water. it is very convenient to judge when water needs to be added according to the height of the red buoy.

Ultra-quiet,quiet pump :: There is virtually no sound at all from the pump, all you hear is the sound of the water gently falling.

Type: cats and dogs

Time Setting: No

Suit for whom: Cats or Dogs

Power Source: CHARGE

Min Output: 50g

Max Output: 100g

Material of 2L water fountain: Stainless steel

Material of 2.6L water fountain: stainless steel of cover and others is plastic

Material of 1.6L water fountain: plastic

Material: Stainless steel

Filter: 4-layer filtration,there are coconut shell mix activated carbon and ion exchange resin, it will filter hair residue and remove chlorine heavy metals and improve the taste.

Easy to clean. and easy to assemble :: made of 304 stainless steel, and more durable and orrosion resistant. BPA-free and dishwasher safe, easy to clean.

Charge: 5V USB charging

Auto filter ,Save electricity:: it will run or stop after automatically when the pet approaches or leave .please choose the one with the sensor kit)

Attract pets to drink more:: The flowing water and aerobic water, the pet will love it . The pet drink more water , helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases in pets.and it may improved the pet's skin and coat.

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