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WiFi Enabled 2.8L Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

$200.00 USD
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WiFi Enabled 2.8L Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

$200.00 USD

About This Item

Make sure your beloved pet always gets their food right on time!


Whether you work long hours, travel, or simply aren't always home to feed your pet on time, then you might find yourself relying on friends, family, and neighbors to help you out. If you're tired of looking for pet sitters and asking for help feeding your pet while you're away, we recommend the 2.8L Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder.



  • Enhanced Design: Feed your pet from anywhere at any time. Simply use the app to set your pet's feeding times and the device will automatically feed them. You may also feed them manually using the PETKIT app on your mobile device.
  • Keeps Kibble Fresh: The Fresh Element Mini contains a food-grade soft silicone sealing ring on the food outlet door and within the lid of the food compartment.
  • Easy Maintenance: Features four rubber grips at the bottom of the unit to ensure it doesn't slip. The feeder also takes back-up batteries in case the power goes out.
  • Dispensing Mechanism: The feeder has been designed to keep your pet's kibble from sticking during scheduled feeding times. The system includes a backplate, food mixing blade, and silicone impeller.
  • Automatic Features: Use with Android or iOS phones to set the feeding schedule and portion sizes appropriate for your pet. The app also includes social features that allow you to connect with other PETKIT users in your area.


  • Volume - 0.017 cubic meter 
  • Capacity - 2.85L (1.5kg)
  • Floor Space -  0.054 square meter
  • Dimensions - H=12.56" X W=6.69" X  L=12.4"

*Remember to change the desiccant packs every 30 days to ensure the food is kept fresh.

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