Wiggly Balls Cat Toy

 It Moves! It Bells! It Wiggles!


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Our Wiggly Balls Cat Toy were designed to resemble these types of critters and creatures to entice them to do just that - obliterate!


Wiggly Balls Cat Toy are ideal for cats that like to bat and chase moving prey because of the way they move and sound. Especially kittens just learning to hunt. So much fun for cats to play with and so much fun for owners to watch.


Innovative and unique, these 1 inch plastic balls are easily batted across slick surfaces. They softly rattle as they roll and the corkscrew tail movement mimics live prey as it shoots across the room. 

But the safety of your pet is priority, and this toy should only be played with under human supervision. If any part of this toy becomes damaged or detached, immediately discard it, but know your cat probably had a lot of fun destroying it!



  • Perfect interactive cat toy: The ultimate cat toy for indoor fun. Our Wiggly balls keep your cats engaged, active, and entertained. The bell sound aroused to unleash kitty's natural instincts for exercise and playtime fun!

  • Realistic Movement: Easy to toss, bat, swing for so many ways to play! A life-like tail movement that shimmies, curls, and wiggles. All you need is a new Wiggly Ball to keep your cat playing! Inspiring the hunting nature of kittens

  • High Quality and Safety: Made from high-quality material, our Wiggly Ball is non-toxic and safe, preventing scratching cats. The life-like tail movement and rattling sounds of live prey let your cat plays for hours of hunting, batting, and pouncing!

  • Fun for Your Cats and Yourself: Toss it against any hard surface to see it bounce and watch your cat chase it down! Colorful balls are easy to spot on the floor or under the couch. Increase interaction and enjoy time with your kitten.

  • Ideal Gift for Your Cats: Bright colors will keep your cat's attention. The bell sound aroused the cat ball toys interest of the cat better. A good gift idea for cat lovers or your own cat to keep them fit and happy!



  • Size: 1.25 inches

  • Length: 5 - 8 inches long

  • Material: Wool and Wood


Package Includes:

  • 1 X Wiggly Balls Cat Toy