4 Tips for Buying Dog Toys and Treats

4 Tips for Buying Dog Toys and Treats

Your dog deserves the best toys and treats but with so many options, it can be hard to determine which one is right for your specific dog. At Saint N Mike, our online pet shop has unique dog toys that are made to withstand your dog. Keep reading to learn more about tips for buying dog toys and treats and shop our online store today!

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Buy the Right Size Toy

When picking out a dog toy, it is important to buy the right size toy. If you have a big dog and you purchase a small toy, they are more likely to destroy it faster. Too small of a toy can also be a choking hazard. If you have a small dog, they may be too intimidated by big toys and will have no interest in playing with them. The size of your dog is a great indicator of the size of toy that best fits them!

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Check the Ingredients

When it comes to treats for your dogs, the ingredients are crucial. Some treats can contain harmful ingredients or artificial flavoring which can be toxic to your dog. When you buy them treats, source out products that have healthy ingredients. 

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Keep Your Dog Challenged

Dogs are very energetic animals and it is important to keep them busy, both physically and mentally. When you are looking for dog toys, look for ones that can keep them entertained by keeping them challenged. Our smart and interactive dog toy gives your dog a challenge by being something that they can chase all day long. While this toy uses technology, it is still a safe option for your dog. 

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Can It Be Cleaned?

When you pick out dog toys, pay close attention to whether or not they can be cleaned. Your dog's most favorite toys can become very dirty and can bring in unwanted debris into your house so it is important that you find toys that can be cleaned easily. Clean toys are not only important for keeping your home clean but it also helps to keep your dog clean and healthy.

No matter what type of dog you have, there are many different types of toys and treats on the market that are made specifically for their needs. At Saint N Mike, we have a variety of treats and other unique dog products that are made to keep your dog happy and healthy. Browse our dog-tastic products online today!

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