4 Ways Your Dog Communicates With You

4 Ways Your Dog Communicates With You

Like humans, dogs use body language to communicate. But, unlike humans, dogs have four legs and a tail. This makes their communication a bit different from ours. Learning the ways your dogs try communicating with you is a valuable endeavor because it helps you identify when they are uncomfortable, stressed, or happy. At Saint N Mike, it is our goal to supply pet owners with expert advice so they can love their pet as much as their pet loves them. One step towards reaching this goal is understanding your dog’s attempts at communication. Here are four ways your dog tries to communicate with you.

photo of black and white dog looking into the camera

Eye Contact

The cliché phrase “eyes are the window to the soul” can also be applied to dogs. If your dog is avoiding eye contact, then this is a sign that it is scared or nervous around you. This can be because the dog doesn’t trust you, or it can be a sign that the dog has done something naughty and is afraid of your reaction. When your dog makes constant eye contact, this is a sign of trust and affection.

 photo of small pug dog with curly tail

Tail Posture

A more obvious sign of your dog’s feelings can be found by watching its tail. You are probably already familiar with dogs joyful wagging their tails, but there are many other signals sent through tail mannerisms. The faster a tail is wagging, the more excited the pup is. Typically, if your dog is slowly swaying its tail, then that is an indication that your dog may be feeling cautious. When your dog’s tail is high and stiff, this traditionally means your dog is on alert. One position you don’t want to ever see on your dog is a tucked tail as this is a signal of fear and distress.

 photo of small brown dog yawning

Sneezing and Yawning

Be on the lookout for misplaced yawns in new circumstances such as interactions with unfamiliar pets and strangers. Random yawns and sneezes can be a signal that your dog is feeling discomfort or stress in a situation. Don’t be confused by the belief that dogs also yawn around you when they are comfortable with your presence. The distinction to look for is yawning when the pet is in an uncommon position.

 photo of small white dog getting belly scratched


If you notice your dog leaning against your leg, this is most likely their way of trying to cuddle with you. Just as our sign of affection for them is petting them, leaning is a way they show affection for us.

Being a great dog owner can be a puzzle. One key to solving this puzzle is understanding what your dog is feeling. With these tips for understanding your dog’s body language combined with other products and advice from Saint N Mike, you can treat your pet with the care it deserves. For more help on how to provide for your pet, contact us today!

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