5 Things Every New Cat Owner Needs to Know

5 Things Every New Cat Owner Needs to Know

If you’ve decided to get a cat, there are many things you should know. Caring for a cat can be stressful, but worth it for all those kitty cuddles. That being said,  if you want to know exactly what your feline friend needs, it can be hard to sort through the plethora of information out there about owning a cat. That is why your pet care friends at Saint N Mike have created this comprehensive guide to help you  learn more about caring for your new kitty

Cat being made to feel safe

Make Your Cat Feel Secure 

If your new cat is a little shy, make sure your home is as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Don’t be offended if your new cat hides from you at first. Cats are naturally skittish and need to acclimate to the new sounds and smells of their environment. It also helps to give the cat their own room. This gives them a smaller space so they can acclimate quickly. Also, get a comfy bed so your cat can take naps and stretch out. 

a veterinarian

Visit the Vet 

When getting a new cat, the initial visit to the vet is key. This is where you make the initial strides towards your cat's health. You can also set up a good relationship between you, your vet, and your cat, so future visits go smoothly. When you get your cat, schedule a check-up with a trusted veterinarian. At the check-up, the vet will make sure that your cat has all its necessary vaccinations and install a microchip if your cat ever escapes. 

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Try Different Litter and Litter Boxes 

Different kinds of cats prefer different kinds of litter and litter boxes. First, make sure that you give your cat enough space for their litter box. Cats can be territorial about their litter box, so use one box per cat. Additionally, try to put your cat's litter box in a low-traffic area so they feel more comfortable using it. Some cats like harder litter, some like softer litter. For example, long-haired cats usually like crystalized litter so it doesn’t stick to their fur. Once you’ve picked a litter,emember to clean your cat's box regularly so that they can use it with ease. 

a cat eating

Try Different Food and Water Set ups 

Try putting your cat's food and water bowl up high so it is away from foot traffic and other animals that you may have. Another option is to use a water fountain bowl for your cat's water supply. This gives the illusion of running water, which cats prefer. It also keeps you from having to fill the bowl daily. However, check to make sure the tank is full enough to hydrate your cat each day. 

Entertain Your Cat 

It is important to establish a fun and active environment for your cat that encourages play. Get your kitty climbing wuth a condo or cat tree. Set up a window sill shelf so your cat can perch and look out the window. Provide your cat with a stretcher or two to relieve stress. Buying lots of toys to play with encourages brain development and socialization skills.Take your cat outside on a leash or let them run around in an enclosed space and let them see a new world. Experiment with different toys and games and see what most excites your cat. 

Welcoming a new feline friend into your home is an exciting process. However,  it takes some knowledge and creativity to make sure that your cat is as comfortable as possible in its new environment. With these tips from Saint N Mike, you will know everything you need to know to make your new kitty feel safe and loved. To learn more about your new kitty, visit our website today!

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