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Fun Facts About Dogs You May Not Know

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We love pets here at Saint N Mike, and in this blog post, we’ll take a look at fun facts about dogs that you may not have heard before. Read on to learn more!

Heightened Senses

You may have heard this before, but it's true: dogs have heightened senses in many regards. You may have been made aware of this by how easily your pup can smell when you’re cooking something or even just bringing home takeout. A dog’s sense of smell is at least 40 times higher than that of humans! This makes sense, as dogs are often used to sniff out everything from illegal drugs to people.

Dogs also have a heightened sense of hearing. You may be familiar with dog whistles, and even though we can barely hear them, this is because our sense of hearing isn’t as advanced as a dog’s. Dogs are able to hear frequencies that are higher than what humans can hear, which is why they are so responsive to dog whistles. They are also able to hear from further away than we are, and it's this quality along with their heightened sense of smell that makes them so good at finding things and helping others!

Dogs Sweat Differently From Humans

When humans get hot, it’s very easy to tell, as you can see it on our bodies. While dogs do sweat, they don’t sweat in the same way as humans, and we can’t see it on them in the same way that we can see it on us. Dogs produce a unique pheromone that we may not notice, though other dogs can notice because of their heightened sense of smell. You can tell when a dog is hot, though, depending on the amount that they pant. Dogs pant as a way to cool down, and much like humans, a great way to make sure that your pup isn’t too warm is to provide them with adequate amounts of water. Making sure that your home or apartment isn’t too warm is a good rule of thumb as well.

Dogs Are as Smart as a Toddler

While dogs’ reputation as being intelligent is widely reported, more specifically, it's been said that dogs are roughly about as smart as a two-year-old child. While this varies based on your dog's specific breed, your dog is able to do things similarly to a child. For one, they are able to follow and understand a variety of commands, both verbal and gestures. They remember these commands as well, and know the proper responses to give you. They also understand how to express basic emotions like happiness and sadness. While a dog’s intelligence isn’t limited solely to these examples, the fact that they are as smart as a human toddler is both impressive and fascinating!

Unique Products for Dogs

Those are just a few fun facts about dogs that you may not have heard. Whether you’re a long time pet owner or are just now welcoming a furry friend into your home, Saint N Mike offers a vast variety of unique products for dogs and cats that are sure to please most any pet owner. Shop our products today!

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