It's Trick or Treat Time, This Time it's for Your Beloved Pets!

It's Trick or Treat Time, This Time it's for Your Beloved Pets!

It's Trick or Treating Time, This Time it's for Your Beloved Pets

The Halloween Season is just around the corner, and one can't keep calm. It's the perfect time of the year to dress up outrageously and make a funky, spooky fashion statement. 

Be it attending crazy Halloween costume parties, creating DIY party decorations, carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns, designing charcuterie boards, sharing scary tales, doing pranks, visiting haunted places in the neighborhood, lighting bonfires, and more, the Halloween festival is a fun time to create unlimited memories. 

With only ten days to go, the last-minute preparations to source costumes, treats, accessories, gifts, decor items, and more are in full swing. 

However, have you thought about your pets? We hope you are not missing them out. Well, Halloween is not just for us, but it's for everyone, including our adorable little furry munchkins. Why should they miss out on all the celebrations? 

Pet parents, if that's an eye-opener for you, don't worry, SaintNMike has got you covered, we have all fun products to offer you, pet costumes, accessories, and more. 

Give your pet a Halloween makeover with our pumpkin-themed outfits, spooky accessories, ghost-inspired decor elements, and more. Pet parents can now find and choose from our variety of product lines. 

The collection is  live and offers many different themed outfits, beds  available in different colors, sizes, and styles. The outfits, accessories, and other items will make your pet stand out in the crowd. The pet fabric products are made with premium quality fabric and the pet accessories have out-of-the-box styles and patterns. 

The Halloween-inspired pet items include candles, collars, bandanas, clothing, hats, and other cool accessories. 


Here's a Sneak Peek:


    What is Halloween without costumes? Or may be a part of it ? Lion’s mane costume and similar products are fun to put on your pet. Just stick it up  onto their neck and you have an entirely different look. Your Cat/Dog might as well be mistaken for Tiger/Lion! It’s soft, lightweight, easy to wear and is a very popular pet gear.

    Pet Odor Candles & Air fresheners 

    Having Pets in the house is a challenge in itself for many reasons, mainly hygiene and smell. Although there are many pet cleaning products and accessories, getting rid of the smell is one of the biggest challenges. But the newly launched Pet odor candle helps every home smell free and fresh. These are all made out of natural materials which cuts down the other health related problems. These fine candles are well designed under experts supervision by experts and not just the enthusiasts. You will find many other great fragrances under this category making your festival season fresh and fragrant. We have a Halloween special Pumpkin & Spice odor.

    Halloween-Inspired Pumpkin, Batman House- Bed  for Cats and Dogs

      This Halloween Pumpkin House is a stunning, vibrant, and fun pet bed/home for your furry little friend. It steals the show because of its comfortable, adorable style, softest teddy-bear-like material, and cutest design. This bed is a must-have for the Halloween season, as your pets can't have enough of it. Batman house -bed is another crazy good option for this festival season.

      Elegant Bow Collar Cat & Dog Leash set

      The Halloween season can't get any spookier. The cat/dog leashes and harnesses are made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester material. The fabric is pet-friendly, durable, breathable, soft, and comfortable to wear. The harness and leash set is strong on  both sides and its dual layer makes it long-lasting and a one-time investment. With cute  prints like plaids, polka dots, etc. with bows on them will make your pet look like a cool dude. 

      Jewelry  -  Heart charms and Bell act Collar 

        Never is the wrong time for jewels and decking up your pet. This Halloween fancy jewelry and bell is a killer combo. Apart from the Halloween season, the pet can also utilize the hat and collar for daily use. 

        The Halloween list doesn't end here. This was just a trailer of all the fantastic pet items we have for this festive season. If you want your pet to join the party, you know where to shop. 

        So, check out the Saint and Mike website and start shopping before it's too late and all items are sold out. 

        There are special festive offers on daily essential products and more as well.

        Hurry Up! Halloween is Here...


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