The Saint N Mike Story

The Saint N Mike Story

Saint N Mike was founded on the vision that unique products for dogs and cats don’t have to be unaffordable and inaccessible. If you missed the last post in which we introduced ourselves and our catalog, be sure to go back and check it out!

In this post, we’d like to get a bit more personal and tell you about the why behind our brand and the reason we’re here today. We didn’t get here by accident — we have a heartbreaking, but inspiring story behind our name.

Don’t let the details get you down though. We wouldn’t be here today without our past, and we hope that you’ll come along with us as we continue to build our brand and touch the lives of pet owners around the world.

Albus’ Story

The Saint N Mike story started in 1992 when Beethoven was released. Mike, our founder, fell in love with the bouldering St. Bernard on the screen and knew that one day, he would have a Beethoven of his own.

Mike grew up and left his childhood behind, but he never lost sight of his dream of owning a St. Bernard. He landed his first “real” job at 23 and knew exactly what he wanted to do with his first paycheck. Albus, a St. Bernard puppy, joined the family that week and formed an instant bond with Mike.

Six months later, Albus passed away unexpectedly. A rare and undiagnosed condition caused him to have a fatal heat stroke, and Mike was absolutely devastated.

He understandably felt confused, angry, and scared to ever own a dog again. He looked back on every decision he had made from the day he brought Albus home — was it something that he had done wrong? Would better food have prevented the tragic outcome? Could he have purchased higher-quality toys and treats that would have extended Albus’ life?

Mike dove head first into researching ingredients, common health problems, and other information that he wished he had known before bringing Albus home.

Saint N Mike Today

Mike decided that it was time to bring another St. Bernard into his life, so he reached out to Albus’ breeder and brought another puppy home. He named him Hugo, and they have been close friends for close to a decade. Hugo is happy, healthy, and enjoys many of the unique products for dogs we carry in the Saint N Mike catalog.

Albus is forever in Mike’s heart and the reason why Saint N Mike exists today. Mike honors his memory by sharing all of the research and information he’s learned over the years with pet owners like you, who also share a deep and loving connection with their pets.

Our pets truly bring out the best in us. We hope that by providing you with unique products for dogs that are based in research and designed to improve their life, you can give them a small fraction of the joy and happiness they’ve brought to you.

Show your pet how much you care and shop the Saint N Mike catalog to find something your four-legged friend will love!

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