Tips For Buying Dog Toys

Tips For Buying Dog Toys

Buying a toy for your dog is more than just a gift that keeps them happy. Toys function as a tool to prevent behavioral problems, provide comfort in tense situations, and — of course — make things exciting in moments of boredom. At Saint N Mike, we care just as much about supplying you with exceptional pet products as we care about giving you expert advice on providing for your pets. Guided by this commitment, here are four tips to help you buy the best toys for your dog. Continue reading to learn more!


photo of small Frenchie puppy looking at orange ball

Buy the Right Size

Depending on the size of your dog, the selection of toys to choose from will vary. If you have a great dane with a large mouth, then buying a smaller toy is a choking hazard. What we recommend is imagining if the toy can fit behind your pet’s rear molars; if it can, then don’t buy it.

 photo of spaniel taking treat from a person's hand

Check Ingredients

If the toy you are interested in is an edible treat, then you must be aware of the ingredients composing the product. Rendered food items have questionable production practices featuring unglamorous body parts of other animals, so these treats can be unsafe for dogs. Likewise, grain-free treats have also been linked to fatal heart diseases in dogs. And, as a rule, you should prioritize protein in your dog’s diet. Don’t feed your pet too much corn and rice, because a diet rich in carbs can lead to obesity and chronic conditions.

 photo of dog playing with interactive toy

Keep Your Dog Challenged

For many dog owners, it is unrealistic to spend every moment of the day with their pets. Inevitably, your dog will spend some time alone. In these moments of isolation, you need to keep your dog engaged so furniture and carpet don’t end up destroyed. Rubber dog toys that can make eating a stimulating activity are a great solution to this. These toys should keep your dog busy, so be on the lookout for items that have a dedicated goal that your pet will want to achieve.


photo of collie playing with a stuffed reindeer

Can It Be Cleaned?

Dogs put a lot of random things in their mouth throughout a single day. Combine these dirty mouths with the various locations dogs may take a toy during a play session, and toys become grimy fast. It is smart to not let drool, dirt, and food particles accumulate on your dog’s toys. Plastic and rubber toys are easier to hand wash, while you can also throw plush toys in a washing machine. But if the plush toy is already damaged, then washing machines can further tear them.

Many variables go into making a great dog toy. When shopping for these products, Saint N Mike believes in considering the aspects that make things easier for both you and your pet’s lives. To learn more about shopping for the best dog and cat products, contact us today!

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