Ways Your Cat is Communicating With You

Ways Your Cat is Communicating With You

Cats are complicated creatures that can come across as more independent than other pets, such as dogs. The calculated nature of cats makes their actions even more crucial to understanding their feelings. At Saint N Mike, we supply you with all the tools you need to love your pet the way they love you. From great products such as climbing frames to expert advice on providing for your pet, we have everything you need. To start connecting with your kitten, here are some body language signals to be aware of.

 photo of calico cat walking along fence

Arched Back

If you notice your cat arch its back and enter a crouching position, this could mean two things: either your cat is stretching or it is agitated. It is important to learn the difference between these two because one signals your pet is comfortable with you and the other is a sign to back off. To discern which arch indicates what, look at the cat’s fur. Flat fur represents stretching, whereas when fur standing on its end is a sign that it is upset.

 photo of grey cat with green eyes


Similar to humans, a key component of feline body language is in the eyes. Narrow or constricted pupils are an indication your cat has entered a defensive position and is angry. By narrowing its pupils, the cat is focusing to see things more intently. If you find your cat with expanded pupils, you may not take this as a good sign either. Dilated pupils can mean your cat is frightened and preparing to attack. However, wide pupils can also mean your cat is feeling playful, if they dilate during playtime.

 photo of cat with long tail walking along flowers


Like dogs, cats use their tails to communicate with the people around them. Depending on if your cat is male and has been neutered, a high, quivering tail can either symbolize happiness or it can be an indicator that the cat is about to spray. Another warning sign from your cat’s tail is low twitching which is a signal for you to freeze and wait for your cat to settle down because your pet is about to pounce. A happy piece of tail communication is when your cat shows trust by curling its tail around you or another cat.

photo of brown tabby cat


Though they are designed for hearing, cats say a lot with their ears. When a cat’s ears are completely forward, you can assume they are relaxed and interested. As its ears turn back, they will be demonstrating that they are listening more intently and are on alert. If you ever see your cat’s ears flat against its head, then you should stay away because this is often an indicator that your pet feels threatened and is in attack mode.

With the advice and products you find here on Saint N Mike, hopefully you won’t ever have to worry about coming across any of these hazard signs that your cat may give off. To learn more ways you can keep your cat’s fur flat, tail curled, and ears forward, contact us today!

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