Welcome to Saint N Mike!

Welcome to Saint N Mike!

Welcome to Saint N Mike!

We’re an online pet store dedicated to providing you and your furry friends with high-quality products and fun toys that improve their quality of life without breaking the bank.

In this post, we’ll explain a few things you should know about us and the items in our catalog. Check out the rest of our collections when you’ve finished reading this post. We carry unique products for dogs, unique cat products, custom mugs and shirts, and so much more.

Our Core Values


There are far too many online pet stores that will sell you sub-par products at marked-up prices just to boost the bottom line. Many are made with ingredients that aren’t safe for pets; others aren’t designed with safety in mind. We’ve drawn a line in the sand and are extremely selective with the products we’ve chosen to carry, and we even have a team of animal experts on our team to help us evaluate what should and shouldn’t be in our catalog. In other words, you’re choosing confidence and peace of mind when you choose Saint N Mike.


No two pets are alike. It sounds obvious, but many online pet stores carry a small selection of products that aren’t right for different breeds and needs. We won’t lie to you — we’re partial to large-breed dogs and cats, but that doesn’t mean that we discriminate when it comes to choosing which unique products for dogs and cats we’ll add to our catalog. We carry a wide variety of items that are perfect for animals of all sizes and ages, and we’re always trying to expand our circle of inclusivity. Stay tuned for even more additions to our catalog!


Who doesn’t love a pet in a hilarious costume? Whether you’re searching for the perfect costume for Christmas, Halloween, or another occasion throughout the year, Saint N Mike has a great selection of funny cat costumes and hilarious dog costumes that won’t break the bank. We’ve also given some thought to the fact that many pets don’t enjoy being dressed up, and we have everything from minor, minimal costumes to head-to-paw costumes for the fun-loving pets who love being the life of the party!

Giving Back

At Saint N Mike, we know that pets aren’t just pets. They’re part of the family — full stop. Pets bring us so much joy in such a short period of time, and we believe that, as responsible owners, we should do our part to make their lives just as enjoyable. We do our part by donating a portion of every sale to Pet Safe Charities that take active roles in the community and make positive differences in the lives of our furry friends.

Affiliate Opportunities

If you’re the kind of person who loves supporting the brands that inspire them, consider becoming a Saint N Mike Ambassador! We offer commission opportunities, exclusive coupon codes, free products, and more to the pet-loving people who help us spread our message.

Stay Tuned for Our Next Post!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!

We sincerely appreciate your time and we look forward to seeing your comments and stories.

We’ll detail our story in our next post — stay tuned and come back to our blog next week to learn more about our why and the heartbreaking — but inspirational — story that launched our business. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram for even more updates from the Saint N Mike team!

Until then, look through our catalog to find unique cat products and one-of-a-kind dog products that your furry friends will love!

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