What to Consider Before Getting a Dog

What to Consider Before Getting a Dog

Adding a dog to your family is a big decision that will affect your life for years to come. In this post, we’ll discuss five important things you should consider before making a decision. If you do decide to purchase a pup, shop with Saint N Mike for unique products for dogs that make it easy and affordable to give your dog the life they deserve!


Dogs are a serious commitment. Many breeds live 10 years or more, which means that you need to consider both your current and future circumstances before making a decision. Is your income stable? Do you plan to have children in the near future? Do you have to travel for work? Honestly answering these questions, and others like them, will put you in a good position to assess whether you’re at a point in your life in which adding a dog to your family is the right decision.


Bringing a new puppy home is a lot like bringing a newborn baby home. Expect to lose sleep as they adjust to your home and to spend a significant amount of time training them as they get older.

If the prospect of raising a dog sounds overwhelming to you, you may want to consider looking for an older dog instead. Many dogs that are put up for adoption in local shelters have been thoroughly trained and simply need a new home that feels like the one they came from. They’ll still need to adjust to the new environment, but you’ll likely find that it’s a much easier process than raising a puppy.


If you’ve decided that bringing a dog into your home is the right decision, give some thought to where you’d like the dog to come from. Local breeders may offer a certain breed you want, but keep in mind that you need to make sure you aren’t overpaying for an animal that has chronic health issues. Make sure that you’ve thoroughly interviewed any breeders you’re considering, asking about their practices, credentials, and references. Shelters may not have a certain breed you’re looking for, but it’s worth browsing through the listings in your local area and visiting any dogs who seem like they could be a good fit for your home.

Energy Levels

Every dog needs to be walked and played with, but some breeds have much more energy than others. If you live in a small apartment on the third floor, then a high-energy breed like a German shepherd or a husky might not be the best choice. We highly recommend that you give some thought to how much exercise you can give your dog before making a decision.


Owning a dog can be expensive, but some breeds are known to have more health issues than others. Flat-faced dogs like bulldogs and pugs, for instance, are extremely cute but will likely require more visits to the vet than a breed without breathing issues.

Breed considerations aside, owning a dog means that you’ll purchase plenty of toys, treats, and other products that improve your pet’s quality of life. Saint N Mike has all of the above, and so much more. Visit our catalog to shop our unparalleled collection of unique products for dogs today!

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