10 innovative cat accessories for modern pet owners

10 innovative cat accessories for modern pet owners

“Like all pure creatures, cats are practical.” - William S. Burroughs. Well that's the mere truth about cats. Cats are part of the human families since centuries, some as guardians, spirit animals and so on. They have made themselves to be the most popular pets, sometimes even putting dogs behind the pet-love race. Unlike popular opinion cats are affectionate, loving and  independent creatures and they love to snuggle around their family members. Although the sizes of cats are smaller, their maintenance and needs are to be taken care of. As a part of day to day activities even though cats do not need constant  exercise and attention, they do need to feel at home.

Here are  few of the accessories that could help your cat to find its comfort in modern households:

Cat Scratcher Lounger:

This innovative scratcher lounger is designed to give your cats a comfortable place to relax, while also providing them with a scratching post to help keep their claws in check. 

Automatic Water Fountain:

This automatic water fountain is designed to keep your cat hydrated and healthy with a continuous supply of fresh and clean water.

Cat Security Camera:

Keep an eye on your cat while you’re away with this cat security camera. It can be connected to your smartphone so you can watch your cat’s activities in real time.

Automatic Litter Box:

This automatic litter box is designed to make cleaning up after your cat easy and mess-free. It is equipped with a sensor and a timer to automatically remove the litter each day.

Cat Play Tunnel:

This cat play tunnel is perfect for keeping your cat entertained. It is made from durable materials that are designed to withstand your cat’s claws and teeth.

Cat Grooming Station:

This grooming station is designed to make grooming your cat easier, as it can be used to brush, comb, trim, and clean your cat’s fur.

Cat Tree:

This cat tree is designed to provide your cat with a safe and comfortable place to play and rest. It is made from sturdy materials and comes with a variety of toys, scratching posts and platforms for your cat to explore.

Cat Window Bed:

This window bed is designed to give your cat a comfortable place to relax and watch the world go by. It is made from durable materials that can withstand wear and tear.

Cat Feeder:

This automated cat feeder is designed to make sure your cat is fed on time and with the right amount of food. It is equipped with a timer and can be programmed to dispense food at specific times.

Cat Collar with GPS Tracking:

This collar is equipped with GPS tracking so that you can keep an eye on your cat’s whereabouts. It is also designed to be comfortable and safe for your cat to wear.

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