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Cat Tree Tower | Cute Orange Scratching Post | Cat Scratching Ball Toy

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  • Delightfully Playful design: This versatile cat tree tower can provide a delightful recreational area for your feline friend, bringing fun and joy to their day. Offer your cat an innovative and amusing way to play.
  • The reinforced and secure base yields a high maximum weight capability and is able to permit multiple cats to run simultaneously.
  • This Cat Tree Tower offers multiple platforms for cats to jump upon, enabling them to exercise and enjoy themselves.
  • Entice cats to play and scratch with these scratchers, perfect for their claws. Keep cats away from your furniture, making sure it's always in pristine condition!
  • The Cat Tree Tower is an ideal choice for pampering your feline friends at home. Let your cats climb, play, and hone their claws without causing a fuss on your furniture or curtains.
  • Hand-wound sisal posts thickened for extra durability.
  • Realistic fruit-shaped design blends with decor, fulfilling cats' needs for scratching and play.
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Cat Tree Tower | Cute Orange Scratching Post | Cat Scratching Ball Toy

$59.99 USD
$49.99 USD

About This Item


Material Sisal

Color Orange

Weight 850g

Size 23 * 23 * 26 cm

Item Type Cat Tree, Cat Scratching Post


Cat Tree Tower, Cute Orange Scratching Post, Cat Scratching Ball Toy

Our Cat Tree Tower presents the perfect opportunity for kitty to stay active and healthy—from sharpening their claws, engaging in play, to getting a much-needed respite. It's the ideal habitat for cats to dig their paws in, scratch, rest and entertain!

  • Eco-friendly Cat Scratching Post: Skillfully crafted with a 360-degree winding technique that ensures tightness and strength, this product is both harmless to your cat and the Earth - offering a secure outlet for your kitty's natural desires.
  • Natural Sisal: Crafted from tightly-wound, extra-durable sisal, the scratching posts provide a textured surface ideal for cats' claws to sink into, without mess or messiness in your home.
  • Fruit Shape Design: This aesthetically pleasing cat scratching post is fruit-shaped to bring vivaciousness to your home. Its realistic appeal will captivate your pet while satisfying their desire to scratch and play.
  • Stimulate Cat's Curiosity: This interactive toy will excite your cat's curiosity, sharpen their intelligence, and reduce tension and ennui. It's a perfect way to promote your kitty's physical and mental wellness.
  • Perfect Holiday Gift: Give your beloved cat-owning loved ones an unforgettable gift—the Cat Tree Tower Cute Orange Scratching Post! It's a sturdy, enjoyable way for cats to play—and it's compact too!

Your feline friend deserves the best, and this strong and secure scratching post is the perfect way to ensure their health and happiness. Not only does it keep your floor and furniture free from debris, but it's aesthetically pleasing and sure to be adored by you and your family. How could you resist?

Package Includes

  • 1 * Cat Scratching Post

Customer Reviews

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Isobel Cassin

Small but very cute. Cats will enjoy it, especially kittens.

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