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Cat Smart Home

Ensure your cat's life is hassle-free with smart home solutions like automatic self-cleaning intelligent cat litter box, portable pet hair dryer. 

Smart grooming tools with Smart Toys

Keep your cat clean with portable pet hair dryers, and engaged and entertained with interactive smart toys. Our portable cat hair dryers are specifically designed for convenience and ease of use. With their compact and lightweight design, you can easily carry them wherever you go, making grooming sessions a breeze whether you're at home or on the go.

Smart Litter Boxes for Easy Maintenance

Make litter box cleaning a breeze with smart litter boxes. These self-cleaning systems such as automatic self-cleaning intelligent cat litter box, automatically remove waste, minimizing Odor and reducing the need for manual scooping. Some smart litter boxes even monitor your cat's bathroom habits, tracking usage patterns and alerting you to potential health issues.

Transform Your Home into a Cat-Friendly Smart Haven

Experience the convenience and peace of mind that a cat-friendly smart home can offer. Explore our range of cat grooming tools and smart home solutions designed specifically for cat owners. Create an environment that promotes their well-being, keeps them entertained, and simplifies your daily routines. Embrace the future of pet care and make your home a haven for your beloved pet.


Do self-cleaning cat boxes really work?

Self-cleaning cat boxes are effective and work extremely efficiently.

Do cats like automatic litter box?

It may vary, as some cats may adapt well to the self-cleaning mechanism while others may be hesitant or scared of it.

What is the best litter to use for a self-cleaning litter box?

The best litter to use for a self-cleaning litter box is typically one that is low-dust, clumping, and compatible.

How does cat self-cleaning litter box work?

Cat self-cleaning litter boxes typically have sensors or timers that activate a mechanism to scoop, separating waste from clean litter, and depositing it into a separate compartment, reducing the need for manual scooping.