Dog Automatic Feeders & Treat Dispensers

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Dog Automatic Feeders & Treat Dispensers

Dog automatic feeders and treat dispensers ensures your pet is well-fed and entertained even when you're not around. 

Our range of automatic feeders and treat dispensers is designed to make your life easier while keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Automatic Feeders

Automatic feeders are innovative devices that allow you to schedule regular meal times for your dog, ensuring they receive their food at the right intervals. Our feeders come in various sizes and capacities to suit different breeds and dietary needs. Whether you're at work or away for the day, you can rest assured that your dog will never miss a meal.

Treat Dispensers

Treat dispensers are the perfect solution for treating your pet while you're away. Treat dispensers not only provide entertainment but also stimulate your dog's mind and prevent boredom.

Features and Benefits

Our dog automatic feeders and treat dispensers offer a range of features to enhance your pet's feeding experience. From portion control and customizable meal sizes too easy cleaning and durable construction, we prioritize functionality and convenience.

Why Choose Our Products?

  • Reliable and efficient automatic feeding and treat dispensing
  • Promote healthy eating habits and weight management
  • Reduce the risk of overeating and digestive issues
  • Enhance mental stimulation and prevent boredom
  • Easy-to-use and clean designs
  • Quality materials for durability and long-term use


Are automatic feeders good for dogs?

Automatic feeders are convenient for dog owners, as it's easy to monitor portion control and ensure the dog's dietary needs are met.

Is there a dog food dispenser?

Yes, there are dog food dispensers available in the market designed specifically for dispensing dog food.

Are smart feeders good for dogs?

Smart feeders are beneficial for dogs as they provide scheduled and controlled feeding. SaintNMike provides reliable and secure products.

How do I make a homemade dog food dispenser?

DIY dog food dispensers need engineering skills and expertise. We recommend to go for off the shelf products for convenience.