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Dog Flea & Tick

Dog Flea & Tick protection are the perfect solutions in the form of powder and sprays to keep those pesky pests away from your beloved pet. 

Fleas and ticks not only cause discomfort to your dog but can also lead to serious health issues. You need effective and safe products to protect your pet and provide them with a happy and healthy life.


The Importance of Flea & Tick Powders and Sprays 

Fleas and ticks can transmit diseases to dogs, causing skin irritations, anaemia, and even more severe conditions. Applying flea and tick powder or a spray prevents and cures this transmit. Prompt protection helps prevent the infestation of your home and other pets. 

Some dogs are allergic to flea saliva, leading to intense itching and discomfort. A flea and tick powder and spray or even a collar, thus proves to be useful in keeping such infestations away from your pet.


Key Features of our Products?

Easy-to-apply treatments that provide long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks.

Convenient and odorless collars that repel and kill fleas and ticks for extended periods.

Tasty chewable tablets that protect your dog from the inside out, killing fleas and ticks upon contact.

Cleansing pet shampoos and sprays that kill fleas and ticks on contact during bath time.

Organic and chemical-free alternatives for pet owners who prefer a more natural approach.

Why Use Our Products?

Our products are formulated to tackle fleas and ticks at all life stages, breaking the breeding cycle.

Experience fast-acting relief from flea and tick infestations.

Enjoy extended protection to ensure your dog stays safe for weeks or even months.



What kills fleas on dogs?

Fleas on dogs can be killed using flea powders, sprays, collars, and shampoos.

What is used for ticks and fleas in dogs?

For ticks and fleas in dogs, treatments like tick collars are commonly used.

What is the problem of ticks and fleas?

Ticks and fleas in dogs cause discomfort, itching, and skin irritation.

What is the common flea in dogs?

The common flea species in dogs is known as Ctenocephalides Felis. You should use dog flea and tick sprays regularly.