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Dog Food Scoops

Dog Food Scoops are an ideal solution to simplify your dog's mealtime. Our high-quality food scoops are designed to make feeding a breeze, ensuring accurate portion control and mess-free meal preparation. Discover the convenience and functionality of our dog food scoops today!

Why Choose Dog Food Scoops?

Using a food scoop ensures that you provide your dog with the right amount of food, promoting a healthy diet and preventing overfeeding. Minimize the risk of contamination by using a dedicated scoop for your dog's food. Scooping and measuring your dog's food becomes effortless with thoughtfully designed scoops.

Key Features of SaintNMike dog food scoops

Our scoops are crafted from sturdy durable materials that are built to last and are portable.

We have scoops suitable for all dog sizes, whether you have a small breed or a large one.

Some of our scoops come with LED measurement markings for precise feeding portions.

Our scoops are easy to clean, either by hand or in the dishwasher, saving you time and effort.

Our scoops are comfortable and easy-to-grip handles for effortless scooping.

SaintNMike dog food scoops, just like our dog food bowls are made of BPA-free safe and non-toxic material, ensuring your dog's health and well-being.

How to Use Dog Food Scoops

Hold the scoop by its handle and position it over your dog's food container.

Plunge the scoop into the food, filling it to the desired portion size.

Lift the scoop and transfer the food to your dog's feeder bowl.


How many scoops should I feed my dog?

It depends on your dog’s breed and the recommended portion size. Two scoops each time is sufficient, however, monitor your pet’s needs and then decide.

How many cups is a dog scoop?

It may vary depending on the cups size. But an average cup size may be about 2 scoops.

Are dog food scoops accurate?

Food scoops are indeed accurate and you can go for SaintNMike food measuring scoop with LED display.