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All Seasonal Universal Dog Sofa Beds Nest

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  • Cat Nest
  • Creative Cute Bear Paw
  • Warm
  • All Seasonal Universal
  • Nest Mat Accessories
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Use
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All Seasonal Universal Dog Sofa Beds Nest

About This Item


Material Coral Fleece

Color Coffee, Pink, Gray

Size XXS, XS, S, M

Item Type Pet Accessories


All Seasonal Universal Dog Sofa Beds Nest

Dog Sofa Bed Nest in a cute bear paw shape creative design. The delightful bed, also for cats as well, is great for offering a pet a cosy retreat during relaxing naps and restful nights. Why this is the perfect buy for your pet this Valentine's Day. The exquisite paw design affords a playful touch to the home, providing an endearing bed that spills warmth and comfort at each corner.

  • Soft and Warmable Comfort Coral Fleece: The material design of the pet bed using coral fleece makes it warm enough to protect your pet from cold, especially during winter seasons.
  • Design of Bear Paw Shape: The design is special and lovely, which can bring much more fun to your dog's resting place and even to the home decoration.
  • Eco-Friendly Material: The product is made of eco-friendly materials corresponding to the environment with compassion.
  • Dogs and Cats Suitable: The sofa bed is perfect for dogs and cats of all kinds and sizes as it has a universal design.
  • Easy to wash: The bed is designed for hand washing and thus, it will always remain clean for the betterment of your pet's health and comfort.

This is more than a pet bed, the Dog Sofa Beds Nest For Cat Nest in a Creative Cute Bear Paw design is a delight for your home as it makes your pet's resting place cozy yet stylish. Perfect for any pet that likes to burrow, this bed boasts a great combination of style and comfort that every pet owner will have to have.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the best way to choose the correct size for my pet?

A: Account for the size of the pet and its most common sleeping positions while choosing one.

Q: How about larger breeds?

A: It caters to small to medium-sized pets, so larger breeds might require a more spacious alternative.

Q: Is it possible to use the machine to wash the bed?

A: The product was designed with light hand washing to have an integrity-like new of the coral fleece material.

Q: Is this a dog-proof material taking into account the pets, which like chewing?

A: It is very luxurious and comfortable but supervisions are recommended for the pets, which can tolerate some over-chewing.

Q: Will the bed be warm for my pet during winter?

A: Yes, this is because there is coral fleece which will keep the bed warm so even during winter it will still offer warmth to your pet.

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