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Automatic Interactive Cat Toy

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  • Interactive Toy
  • Automatic Toy
  • Electronic
  • Ideal for Kitten
  • Engaging Toy
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  • LED Light
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Automatic Interactive Cat Toy

About This Item


Material Plastic

Color Pink, Blue and Yellow

Size 6.5cm/2.56"*5.8cm/2.28"

Item Type Pet Accessories


Automatic Interactive Cat Toy

This high-tech, self-moving mouse will have your feline friend stalking, pouncing, and batting for hours on end, keeping them entertained and active even when you're not around.

  • Unpredictable Movement: The motorized mouse rolls, wiggles, and changes direction all on its own, mimicking the erratic movements of real prey and sparking your cat's natural hunting instincts.
  • Long-Lasting Fun: The rechargeable battery provides up to 5 days of standby time or 2 hours of continuous play, ensuring plenty of entertainment sessions.
  • LED Light Tail: The glowing tail adds an extra dose of excitement and keeps your cat engaged even in low-light conditions.
  • Two Play Modes: Choose from "Quick" and "Normal" modes to adjust the movement speed and cater to your cat's energy level.
  • Safe and Durable: Made from soft silicone and sturdy ABS plastic, this toy is gentle on your cat's paws and built to withstand even the most enthusiastic attacks.
  • Reduces boredom and destructive behaviour: Keeps your cat mentally and physically stimulated, preventing them from scratching furniture or acting out.

This Automatic Interactive Cat Toy helps strengthen the bond with your cat and thereby spend quality time with your furry friend through interactive play sessions.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is this toy safe for my kitten?

A: Absolutely! The soft silicone material is gentle on young teeth and paws.

Q: How do I charge the battery?

A: The toy comes with a USB charging cable for convenient recharging.

Q: Can I wash the toy?

A: You can wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Q: Will my cat lose interest after a while?

A: The unpredictable movement patterns help keep your cat engaged for longer periods.

Q: Do you offer other interactive cat toys?

A: Yes, we have a variety of fun and engaging toys to keep your feline friend entertained.

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