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Smart Interactive Cat Toy

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Smart Interactive Cat Toy

About This Item

Provide your cat with hours of entertainment!

Features And Benefits:

🐾. Large-capacity battery: The 620 mAh built-in battery can be used for approximately eight hours after charging.
🐾. Automatic Sensor: Powerful sensor chip automatically senses obstacles and moves by rotating, jumping, and adjusting direction.
🐾 Safe: The main shell is made of environmentally friendly and pet-safe PC and ABS; the tire is made of non-toxic and harmless food-grade hard silicone.
🐾 Designs: Features two playful stick designs with a feather and cotton ball

At Saint N Mike, we're always looking for fun toys for cats that provide hours of safe entertainment at an affordable price. Our Smart Interactive Cat Toy certainly fits the bill, and it features cutting-edge technology that will keep your feline friend on their toes! Whether you're looking for a way to keep your cat entertained while you're gone or a way to get them up and moving, we couldn't recommend the Smart Interactive Cat Toy more highly!


Material: PC and ABS
Power supply: USB Charge
Accessories (replaceable): Feather and cotton ball
Size: 95 millimeters x 75 millimeters x 165 millimeters

Package Includes:

1 Smart Interactive Cat Toy



Material: PC | ABS
Power Supply: USB Charge
Accessories (Replaceable): Feather | Cotton ball.
Size: 95mm x 75mm x 165mm

Package Includes:

1 x Smart Interactive Cat Toy

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