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Braided Slip Rope Dog Leash

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  • Cow hide wrapped, manual treading
  • leather limit Buckle
  • Metal Buckle as anti- asphyxia
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Braided Slip Rope Dog Leash

About This Item


Material Nylon

Size 0.6x 150cm, 0.8x150cm, 1.0x150cm, 1.3x150cm, 1.6x150cm, 0.6x180cm, 0.8x180cm, 1.0x180cm, 1.3x180cm

Color Black, Red, Blue, Coffee, Dark Khaki

Item Type Pet Leashes, Pet accessory, Rope Lead Leash


Nylon Rope Dog Leashes

The search for a reliable and durable leash that can keep up with your energetic pet stops here. The Heavy Duty Braided Rope Dog Leash Slip Lead is designed to meet the needs of both pet owners and their furry companions.

Tailored with quality and functionality , this leash is ideal for walks, training, and adventures.

  • Durability: Crafted from the best quality materials, the leash is tailored to resist the toughest outdoor activities. The braided rope design is strong enough to ensure that your dog remains safe and secure.
  • Training: This leash is essential for dog training. The slip rope design allows for quick and efficient corrections during training. It's perfect while teaching your dog manners and ensuring they stay close by your side when needed.
  • Safety First: We prioritize safety above all else. The leash has a secure clasp that attaches to the dog's collar or harnesses comfortably and is designed to prevent accidents during walks or training.
  • Hygiene: Made with materials that are easy to clean, this leash is simpler to maintain.
  • Stylish Design: Our leash not only excels in functionality but also in style. The sleek braided design is both timeless and trendy, ensuring that you and your pet stand out during your walks.

Upgrade your dog walking and training experience with Heavy Duty Braided Rope Dog Leash Slip Lead. Built to resist the rigors of daily use and provide a secure, comfortable fit for your pet, it's the perfect leash for dog owners as it provides quality and reliability. No more tangled leashes and enjoy hassle-free adventures with your pet.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a Dog Leash Slip Rope Lead?

A: A Dog Leash Slip Rope Lead is a type of leash designed for training medium to large dogs. The heavy-duty braided rope have an adjustable loop collar.

Q: How does a Slip Rope Lead work?

A: It's often used for training and control. A Slip Rope Lead operates by forming a loop that goes around the dog's neck. Since pressure is applied to the leash, the loop tightens, helping to tame dog's behavior.

Q: Can this leash be used for leash training your pet?

A: Yes, the Slip Rope Lead is often used for leash training. The slip function helps in training the pet, making it effective for teaching commands and maintaining proper behavior.

Q: What Kind of material of the leash, and is it durable?

A: This leash is typically made of heavy-duty braided rope, widely known for its durability. It can resist the wear and tear due to frequent walks or training.

Q: Is this leash safe for my dog's neck?

A: When used correctly, a Slip Rope Lead is safe for your dog's neck. But it's important to ensure that the leash is not overly tightened or left on your dog unsupervised to prevent injury.

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Mustafa Hintz

Thicker than stated.

Pierce Grant

According to the Solid Air description and good quality fast shipping

Filomena Parisian

It's still before use, but the string looks solid.

Flavio Fay

Good quality.

Yoshiko Boyer

Delivery just over 2 weeks. The controller leash looks neat, pleasant to the touch.

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