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Extra Large Size, 40 Count, High-Quality Puppy Pad | Leak-Proof for Hassle-Free House Training

$34.99 USD
$24.99 USD

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  • 40 Count
  • Material: Paper, Non woven Fabric+fluff and SAP+PE
  • Blue and white color
  • Super Absorbent
  • Leak Proof
  • Quick-Drying Surface
  • Convenient Size
  • Simple Disposal
  • Comfortable
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Extra Large Size, 40 Count, High-Quality Puppy Pad | Leak-Proof for Hassle-Free House Training

$34.99 USD
$24.99 USD

About This Item


Material Paper, Non woven Fabric+fluff and SAP+PE

Color Blue and White

Size 24 * 36 inch

Weight of Pack 2412 grams

Size of Pack 11* 10 * 8 inch

Unit Count 40 Units

Pattern Solid

Season All-Season

Item Type Pet Cleaning, Pet Training, Puppy pads


Saint N Mike High-Quality Puppy Pad, Extra Large Size, 40 Count

The Puppy Pad is the ideal solution for stress-free puppy training. Our Puppy Pad is uniquely made and provides a practical and efficient pad for your pet, making the process simpler for both you and your lovely pup.

Super Absorbent: The Puppy Pad has a premium absorbent core that instantly traps moisture, keeping your carpets and floors dry and clean. Say good-bye to squashy mishaps and unpleasant odors!

Prevents Leaks: The Puppy Pad has a leak-proof bottom layer, which ensures zero leakage. It offers dependable protection for your floors.

Quick-Drying Surface: After using, Puppy Pad's top layer has a quick-drying surface that keeps your puppy's paws tidy and dry. This feature ensures comfort and helps to keep your surrounding free of moist paw prints.

Convenient Size: The Puppy Pads are designed to handle several use, which minimizes the need for frequent refills. You can select as per the size and needs for your puppy from a range of sizes.

Simple Disposal: Wrap the pad and discard.

Puppy pads provide a fresh and healthy surrounding.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do pads for puppies function?

A: The pee from your puppy is absorbed and trapped by puppy pads. The plastic backing stops leaks and safeguards your floor, while the top layer is constructed of a substance that swiftly sorbs moisture. The pads frequently have an alluring smell that tempts the dog to utilize them.

Q: How can I teach my dog to use puppy pads?

A: Placing the pad in a predetermined location and repeatedly bringing your puppy there after meals, sleeps, or playtime will help you train your dog to use the pads. In order to get your puppy to utilize the pad, you can also use verbal cues or rewards. The pad will eventually come to symbolize toilet time in their minds.

Q: How do I introduce puppy pads to my dog?

A: Wherever you want your dog to use it, place the puppy pad there. Put your puppy on the pad when you notice them circling or smelling the ground as indicators that they need to relieve themselves. If they successfully urinate on the pad, encourage good behavior by giving them praise or a treat.

Q: How frequently should the puppy pad be changed?

A: To keep the puppy pad clean and hygienic, it must be changed frequently. Your puppy's age, size, and toilet habits will all affect how frequently they change. As a general rule, try to swap out the pad every time you use it or at least once every several hours.

Q: Are puppy pads a long-term answer to the problem of potty training?

A: During the house-training process, puppy pads are often employed as a temporary fix. The idea is to gradually train your dog to use the toilet outside. Puppy pads can be used less or never as your dog gets more dependable with outdoor potty breaks.

Q: Can puppy pads interfere with housetraining?

A: Although puppy pads are helpful in the beginning of housebreaking, improper usage of them may cause the process to drag on. They should be used as a first step in teaching your puppy to go outside. Overusing puppy pads could make it more difficult to eventually wean your puppy from them.

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