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Dogs Bowtie Collar - Christmas and Valentines

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Dogs Bowtie Collar - Christmas and Valentines

Product description

Bring holiday cheer to your pup with the Dog’s Bowtie Collar from Saint N Mike. This festive and stylish bowtie collar is the perfect accessory for your pup, designed to make them look cute and fashionable during the holidays. Ideal for Christmas or Valentine's Day, this bowtie will have your dog looking dapper, making them the talk of the town!


  • Available in two festive colors
  • Made from high-quality, durable fabric
  • Available in two different sizes to fit your dog
  • Features an adjustable belt for easy on and off

Whether your pup is celebrating Christmas or Valentine’s Day, the Dog’s Bowtie Collar from Saint N Mike is the perfect cute and fashionable accessory. It keeps your pup feeling comfortable while looking cute and stylish at the same time. The adjustable elastic band ensures that the bowtie fits perfectly. Show off your pup’s cute style this holiday season and get a Dog’s Bowtie Collar from Saint N Mike!


style: leisure

color: red,black

Type: Dogs

Set Type: NO

Material: 100% Cotton

Item Type: Tie & Bow Tie

Category: Pet clothing


Adjustment method: Magic belt

Red Colors Cats Dog Tie Wedding Accessories Dogs Bowtie Collar Holiday Decoration Christmas Grooming

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