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Breathable Transparent Cat Backpack

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  • Transparent Space Capsule Pet Backpack
  • Soft-Sided Carriers
  • Sturdy Handle
  • Soft Interiors
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable and Compact
  • Suitable for most Pet Cats
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Breathable Transparent Cat Backpack

About This Item


Material PVC + PU

Color Pink, Black, Yellow, White, Blue, Brown

Size 36 * 35 * 28 cm

Style Backpack or Handbag

Item Type Pet Carrier, Cat Carrier


Breathable Transparent Cat Backpack - Carry your pet everywhere

Our cat carrier is an ideal option for everyday use. It allows cat parents to carry their furry baby most comfortably and appropriately. The bag is made with high-quality Oxford cloth, which is durable, easy to use, hassle-free maintenance, and stress-free experience. Its compact and sturdy nature allows the carrier to be placed in a small area without the need for any extra storage space.

  • Easy Care: The carrier is designed in the form of a backpack with a transparent opening in the front allowing you to check on your cat without opening the bag.
  • High Quality material: The interiors are made with the best-quality material ensuring a spacious, hygienic, and convenient environment for your cat inside.
  • Lightweight and Compact: The pet carrier is suitable for daily use, travel, shopping, camping, hiking, and more.
  • Multi functional bag: It can be used as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag as per the convenience of the cat's parents.
  • Breathable hole: The carrier has a decent size of holes made around the bag to allow proper circulation of air inside and out.
  • Collapsible: The Breathable Transparent Cat BackPack is easy to store with its collapsible structure.
  • Washable: The backpack can be broken down and washed after use.

The cat will feel safe and adjust quickly to the carrier as it provides the utmost comfort just like home.

    Frequently asked questions

    Q: Why do you need a pet carrier?

    A: A pet carrier offers a comfortable and spacious environment to your cat while traveling. It ensures that the cat is safe and sound and enjoys its outings as much as the parent. Imagine holding your cat with a leash for long hours and running back and forth to make sure it's safe. Well, no cat parents want to put themselves through that stress. So, with the help of the carrier, you can solve these problems and enjoy your time together without any stress.

    Q: Will my cat get used to the carrier?

    A: Yes, your cat will get used to the carrier sooner or later. It will take some time but once the cat starts realizing that the carrier offers safe surroundings, it will become second nature for your cat to use the carrier.

    Q: How ideal is the carrier?

    A: The carrier is made with the most premium material. It is designed keeping in mind to meet all requirements of cat parents. It is long-lasting, sturdy, compact, easy to maintain, one-time investment, transparent, water-proof, suitable for all weather conditions, and easily breathable.

    Q: How heavy is the cat carrier?

    A: The cat carrier is lightweight in nature and the cat parent can easily carry it around for hours. It won't weigh you down and make you feel tired after a few minutes. Also, its transparent feature allows you to check on your cat from time to time.

    Q: Will my cat fit in comfortably?

    A: Yes. The carrier is designed in a way to allow small to medium cats weighing around 7kgs to fit in comfortably.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Amber S.

    Peaches loves her cat back pack. She's a rescue and scared of everything but she real comfy in this cat back pack

    OMG Look at Peaches So cute , thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures.

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