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Cats Bag Small Pet Carrier

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  •  Large activity space, 5kg can accommodate pets
  • Small hole on the side to meet the needs of
    feeding and stroking, with its safety door
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Bottom support, bag type is quite wide
  • Built-in pouch
  • Easy to clean
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Safety buckle design can be connected to the collar or chest back
  • Waterproof material
  • Soft straps that don't pinch your shoulders


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Cats Bag Small Pet Carrier

About This Item


Material 100% Cotton

Color Pink, Blue, Grey

Size S, M, L

Style Fashion

Item Type Soft-Sided Carriers


Cats Bag Small Pet Carrier

This small shoulder pet carrier is a chic, contemporary, and comfortable travel-friendly bag option for long travelling. The bag is designed in a sleek and compact manner allowing your cat to make a fashion statement.

  • Breathable: The small shoulder bag is made of breathable mesh fabric on one side and a big opening on the other. It keeps your pet cool and comfortable during outdoor activities and also allows proper ventilation at all times. The small shoulder bag has adequate space and the big opening on the side allows the cat to pop its head outside.
  • Multifunctional bag: Can be used as a shoulder bag, casual bag, or travel bag, while going shopping, biking, traveling, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.
  • Foldable and High-Quality: The pet shoulder bag is foldable, easy to carry, use, and clean. It can be folded into a small size when not in use. The material and feel of the bag are premium in nature.
  • Safety Buckle Design: The shoulder bag comes with a big buckle to ensure the safety of your pets while traveling. The buckle feature also enables pet parents to check on their cats and comfort them when needed. Also, the buckle has a tie that can be connected to the collar or chest back.

The Cat Carrier Shoulder Bag is a must-have travel essential for your cat.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much weight can the bag carry?

A: This shoulder bag fits a cat of about 5kg.

Q: Will the shoulder bag add unwanted pressure on the shoulders?

A: No, the bag has soft straps that don't pinch your shoulders and are made with premium cloth hence it won’t put much pressure on the shoulder but make sure to take a break after using it for a few hours to add any strain on the neck and shoulder. Most suitable for on-the-go activities.

Q: Why should I use a cat carrier shoulder bag?

A: Cat carrier shoulder bags provide a safe and convenient way to travel with your cat, be it for trips to the vet, travel, or simply taking your feline friend with you on errands.

Q: Can my cat breathe inside the carrier bag?

A: Yes, cat carrier shoulder bags are designed with ventilation holes to ensure your cat has a constant supply of fresh air. The big opening on one side allows your cat to peek its head out and enjoy the surroundings

Q: Is it safe to use a cat carrier shoulder bag in a car?

A: While these bags are suitable for short car rides, it's safer to use a proper cat carrier with secure attachments in a vehicle. However, it is ideal for transporting your cat to and from the car.

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