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Dog and Cat Sling Carrier | Breathable & Travel Safe

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  • Magic Stick
  • Perspective Cover
  • Plug Hook
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Reinforced Buckle
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Dog and Cat Sling Carrier | Breathable & Travel Safe

About This Item


Material nylon

Color Pink, Yellow, Light Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Dark Blue

Size S, L

Style Handbag Tote Pouch

Item Type Handbag Tote Pouch


Dog and Cat Sling Carrier | Breathable & Travel Safe

The dog and cat sling bag is an ideal choice to carry your pet around comfortably and conveniently. It has an ergonomic design for decompression, is made of high-quality material, has a breathable mesh, and can be a great travel option on the go. It's lightweight, easy to use, store, and clean, and most importantly you can take your pet anywhere without having to worry about anything.

  • Zipper-Style Comfort Pockets: The big pocket in the front allows the pet to have a wider vision and experience the beautiful surroundings. Also, the pet parent can easily reach the pocket and caress their pet increasing a sense of security and trust by letting them know they are perfectly fine.
  • Adjustable Drawstring Closure Design: Helps in breathing fresh air, enjoy the outside activities, and keeps the pet’s hair cool.
  • The D buckle design: The D-shaped pocket helps to store dog snacks, toys, and more. It can hold gadgets such as mobile phones or keys and makes up for some storage to keep on the run.

All in all, this cat sling carrier is a saviour for cat parents who are constantly on the go and looking for an easy and economical carrier option.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the bag washable?

A: Yes, you can use a damp cloth to clean it after every use.

Q: How do I introduce my pet to a sling carrier?

A: In the beginning, it maybe a tedious task but overtime your pet will get used to it. Place them inside for short periods and reward them with treats and praises.

Q: Are sling carriers safe for pets?

A: Yes, if used correctly, the pet carrier bags are safe to use. Also, keep a check on your pet’s comfort and body language while using the carrier.

Q: Can I use a sling carrier for long walks or hikes?

A: The sling bag is more suitable for short trips and running errands or to keep your pet close. For long outdoor activities, consider using a traditional pet carrier or harness.

Q: Are sling carrier suitable for all weather conditions?

A: Sling carriers are generally designed for fair weather conditions. So ensure the pet is safe from extreme heat, cold, or when using a sling carrier.

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