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Pet Toothbrush | Maintain Dental Health for Your Beloved Companion

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  • Three-sided toothbrush
  • Rubber, Plastic, Silicone, PP TPR materials
  • Skid handle
  • Soft bristle
  • Hanging hole
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Long life
  • Suitable for most Pet Dogs
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Pet Toothbrush | Maintain Dental Health for Your Beloved Companion

About This Item


Material: Rubber, Plastic, Silicone, PP TPR

Color: Purple, Blue, White, Orange, Green

Weight: 30 g

Size: 0.98 * 6.69 inches

Item Type: Pet Cleaning & Grooming Products

Pet Toothbrush
Pet Toothbrush
Pet Toothbrush
Pet Toothbrush


Saint N Mike - Three Sided Pet Toothbrush

This Three-Sided Pet Toothbrush from Saint N Mike offers a simple, yet innovative solution to all your pet's dental hygiene needs. With its three-sided design and ergonomic handle, it makes brushing your pet’s teeth easier than ever before. The design is in line with the canine dental structure, making it more comfortable and efficient for your pet.

Keep Your Dog's Teeth Healthy and Clean: The three-sided toothbrush design, cleans the pet teeth in all directions, keeps the mouth clean and prevents bad breath.

Three-Sided Toothbrush: Make helping pets wash their teeth more simple and easy, reduce the time required, and improve the pets' comfort.

Comfortable and Hangable: Toothbrush handle is made of comfortable non-slip rubber. With a hanging hole design it can be hung for easy storage.

Suitable For Most Pet Dogs: The toothbrush is suitable for different teeth and mouth shape. It is Suitable for most pets dogs.

Ergonomic Design: The tooth brushes appropriate design, makes it easy to use, even when your pet is moving around. Also includes a tongue cleaner at the bottom of the handle.

Your pet's oral health is an important part of their overall well-being, especially our Three-Sided Pet Toothbrush from Saint N Mike, we can ensure your pet remains healthy and strong. Get yours today!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a three-sided pet toothbrush?

A: A three-sided pet toothbrush is a dental hygiene tool designed to clean a pet's teeth effectively. It typically has three bristle sides, each with a various configuration, allowing for comprehensive cleaning of different tooth surfaces.

Q: How does a Three sided pet toothbrush function?

A: The three-sided design of a pet toothbrush which enables brushing of multiple tooth surfaces, including the front, back, and chewing. It accomplishes effective cleaning in a single motion, which shortens the time and effort needed to brush dogs teeth.

Q: Why does a dog require brushing on a day to day?

A: Brushing a dog's teeth promotes proper dental hygiene. To Avoid the buildup of plaque and tartar, lessens the possibility of periodontal disease, improves breath. If left, untreated dental issues in pets can lead to infections.

Q: Are there any size requirements for a three-sided pet toothbrush or can it be used for all types of pets?

A: A three-sided pet toothbrush can be used for all pets, it is appropriate to check that the toothbrush is made particularly depending on the pet's size and needs. Toothbrushes are available to accommodate different animals, such as dogs and cats.

Q: Can you explain the usage of a three-sided pet toothbrush?

A: Apply pet toothpaste to the bristles and delicately insert the brush into your pet's mouth. In order to brush all tooth surfaces, hold the toothbrush at 45-degree angle and brush the teeth using gentle circular motions. Better avoid applying excessive pressure that could cause damage and discomfort.

Q: Is it necessary to use pet toothpaste or regular human toothpaste can be used?

A: It is advisable to avoid using human toothpaste for your pet. Human toothpaste contains ingredients that can be toxic to animals if ingested. Use toothpaste that are correctly formulated for pets. As they are safe to swallow and different flavors are available that are appealing to pet's.

Q: How often does, pet's require brushing their teeth with a three-sided toothbrush?

A: Ensure to brush your pet's teeth at least twice to thrice a week. However, daily brushing is even better for maintaining optimal oral health. Regularity is key to preventing dental issues and maintaining fresh breath.

Q: Are there any other choices then a three-sided pet toothbrush?

A: There are options available for pet toothbrushes which include regular single-sided toothbrushes, finger toothbrushes and dental wipes. The choice depends on your pet's preferences and your ability to effectively clean their teeth.

Q: Is it required to use toothpaste for a three-sided pet toothbrush or it can be without toothpaste?

A: Toothpaste is strongly advised for effective cleaning and maintaining oral health. Whereas using a three-sided pet toothbrush without toothpaste can still provide some level of mechanical cleaning. It is a must to use toothpaste as it helps in destroying bacteria, freshen breath, and improve the overall brushing experience.

Q: How do I clean and maintain a three-sided pet toothbrush?

A: To remove any toothpaste residue and fragments, it is a must to rinse thoroughly the toothbrush after every use. Wash using soap or lukewarm water. Air dry completely before storing it in a clean, dry place. Replace the toothbrush if the bristles are chafed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jennifer Mandel

It’s very difficult to brush my dogs teeth.

Hiro Shigaki
Cleaner teerh

I’m able to brush both sides of the teeth easier with just one stroke
Makes brushing so much easier!

Maria Mckee
Game changer!

So much easier to brush my doggos teeth as this brush makes contact with all sides at once!

Three Sided Pet Toothbrush - Very Helpful

My dog is very uncooperative when it comes to brushing his teeth. The Pet Toothbrush from Saint N Mike is a creative tool. While my dog still fights me, I am now able to do a much better job in brushing his teeth.

Jennifer Zeidberg
Special needs

This toothbrush is great for my special needs son!! Highly recommend

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